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  Transforming Family Business
Imagine a family business …
  • Where conflicts produce constructive change
  • Where discussions are full of creativity and innovation
  • Where members are connected to the biggest potential of 
    the family and the business.

It is possible to create this.

Through coaching, family businesses become more of themselves so 
that the strategies they choose contain a sense of relief and happiness. 

Our Services

We can serve you anywhere where relationship quality and passionate work are important. This includes:

  • Family Partnerships
  • Leadership Development of New Generation
  • Teambuilding
  • Succession Planning
  • Employee Retention


Complimentary Consultation 

Schedule a consultation by contacting me by phone or email:

  • Phone: 1.416.628.3630



"After last week's session, we had a breakthrough in our partnership. For the first time, we're not blaming each other. We had a bit of a catastrophe over the weekend and we dealt with it in the most productive way ever."

--Ben Hoffman, Co-Founder City Hunt

"The tools and methods you provide to handle the inevitable conflicts that arise in our partnership have proved invaluable. We can now handle disagreements efficiently and productively."

--Jaymes Dec, Co-Founder
City Hunt





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